1807, 2022


After posting the Final Announcement, ENC22 became the subject of critical remarks on Twitter, because of a lack of participants of color among keynote speakers and the congress committees. The remarks on Twitter made us realize that we had not been sensitive regarding this subject matter. In June 2021 we approached our committee members to attract a diverse line-up of keynote speakers. In hindsight, we did not pay sufficient attention to the mix of speakers. Future Proof Nursing is not possible without inclusivity and diversity.

We are very grateful for the active support of Sue Tranka (CNO Wales UK), Howard Catton (CEO ICN), Margrieta Langins (WHO Europe), Alba Llop Girones (WHO), Alexander Clark (University of Alberta), Pieterbas Lalleman (Fontys) and Evelyn Finnema, CNO in The Netherlands, in formulating a possible response.

We want to learn from this experience. The issue will be raised during ENC22. A CNO meeting will be broadcast live on the issue of inclusion and diversity.

1607, 2022

Late Breaker

ENC22 calls for Late Breaker Submission of your abstracts. A late-breaking abstract should contain new information. It should comprise of results that were not yet known, or fully available, on the standard abstract submission deadline. Late Breaker Submission ends 21st July 2022.

906, 2022

ENC22 Trailer

2202, 2022


Don’t miss this opportunity. Make nurses Key Drivers of Change in Future Proofing Nursing. ENC22 calls upon nurses, researchers, educators, to submit their abstracts. Research, practice or education based. Deadline for submitting your abstracts is 1 March.

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902, 2022

Influential lobbyist

ENC22 is proud to announce that the Dutch Hospital Association has joined as our latest Premium Partner!
The Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) is the trade association for general hospitals and specialist institutions in the Netherlands. It represents the interests of our members where healthcare, economy and society are concerned.
Since 1991 the NVZ has grown to be an influential lobbyist in the healthcare sector.

702, 2022

Address the challenges

Deventer Hospital is thrilled to join ENC22; a great chance to address the challenges that face nurses all over the world together! We look forward to meeting you all in October.; a great chance to address the challenges that face nurses all over the world together! We look forward to meeting you all in October.