Future Proof Nursing
Nurses as Key Drivers of Change

Location: GaiaZoo in Kerkrade
Partners: Maastricht University, MUMC+, Envida, Zuyderland
Chairpersons: Sandra Zwakhalen, Mick Olvers
Keynotes: Bianca Buurman, Anne-Miek Vroom
Language: Dutch
Topics: GaiaZoo in Kerkrade

Terugblik symposium

The Zuid-Limburg ENC22 Hub focuses on the address by the Dutch Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport, Ernst Kuipers, and two keynote speakers, Bianca Buurman and Anne-Miek Vroom.

  • 14:00 uur Reception with coffee/ tea and ‘Limburgse vlaai’
  • 14:45 uur Welcome by day chairs Sandra Zwakhalen (professor Nursing Science Maastricht University) en Mick Olvers (MUMC+, vice-chair Nursing Advisory Council)
  • 15:10 uur Ernst Kuipers , Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport
  • 15:20 uur Right care, right place, best outcomes, Bianca Buurman, President V&VN
  • 15.50 uur Discussion and reflection moderated by day chair
  • 16:05 uur Patient perspective, Anne-Miek Vroom, Director Ikone
  • 16.35 uur Discussion and reflection moderated by day chair
  • 16:50 uur Break
  • 17:40 uur Workshops
    • Workshop 1.  Leadership Leiderschap en Zo(o)
    • Workshop 2.  Learning and Improving ( Leren en Verbeteren) Klim-Op
    • Workshop 3.  Autonomy
  • 18:40 uur Plenary session: “What makes us different from animals”, Harry Sonnenschein (Director New Nursing Leadership, Erasmus Centrum voor Zorgbestuur)
  • 19:40 uur Closing Statements by day chairs
  • 19:45 uur Drinks, snacks and networking