902, 2022

Influential lobbyist

ENC22 is proud to announce that the Dutch Hospital Association has joined as our latest Premium Partner!
The Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) is the trade association for general hospitals and specialist institutions in the Netherlands. It represents the interests of our members where healthcare, economy and society are concerned.
Since 1991 the NVZ has grown to be an influential lobbyist in the healthcare sector.

702, 2022

Address the challenges

Deventer Hospital is thrilled to join ENC22; a great chance to address the challenges that face nurses all over the world together! We look forward to meeting you all in October.; a great chance to address the challenges that face nurses all over the world together! We look forward to meeting you all in October.

2601, 2022

In today’s de Volkskrant ENC22 premium partner the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) calls for better possibilities for nurses who have just finished their studies.

Corine Latour, director of HvA Nursing School: ‘These ambitious, smart, and state-of-the-art trained nurses want to start their specialization in IC or First Aid right away. Instead, they are discouraged by hospitals who force them to work in a general ward for a year. Hospitals should adjust to a new generation of nurses with specialized and evidence-based training. If they would, less nurses would quit their jobs within a few years. Instead of looking abroad for nurses, we should encourage talented and ambitious nurses in our own country.’

2501, 2022

ICN: 13 million more nurses required

The new report Sustain and Retain 2022 and beyond has revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic has made the fragile state of the global nursing workforce much worse, putting the World Health Organization’s (WHO) aim of Universal Health Coverage at serious risk. It suggests up to 13 million more nurses will be required over the next decade, the equivalent of almost half of the world’s current 28 million-strong workforce.

Lead author of the report Professor James Buchan of the University of Technology Sydney, (UTS) and the University of Edinburgh (and ENC22 keynote speaker), said: “COVID-19 has had a terrible impact on the nursing workforce in terms of the personal effect it has had on individual nurses, and the problems it has exposed within many healthcare systems. Pre-existing shortages exacerbated the impact of the pandemic and burned-out nurses are leaving because they cannot carry on any longer. Governments have not reacted effectively to the growing worldwide shortage of nurses, and now they must respond to the pandemic, which is an alarming game-changer that requires immediate action.”

1101, 2022

Nurses should more often take the lead

Monique van Dijk, psychologist and nurse, is currently a professor Nursing Science at Rotterdam Erasmus MC. She strongly believes nurses should more often take the lead. Welcome, Monique, to the ENC board!

2012, 2021

Healthcare of tomorrow

ENC22 is proud to announce its 5th Platinum Partner. Amsterdam UMC is a leading medical center that combines complex high-quality patient care, innovative scientific research, and education of the next generation health care professionals. They firmly believe that health care practice, research and education belong together, with each shaping and informing the other. Amsterdam UMC has arisen from the (administrative) merger of Amsterdam’s two academic hospitals, the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in 2018. Amsterdam UMC represents the medical faculties of the two universities associated: the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Their motto perfectly fits ENC22: Together we discover the healthcare of tomorrow.

1312, 2021


Our new Premium Partner LUMC says: We are happy to join ENC 2022 because it is important to work together on professionalization of nursing on a local, national and international level.

912, 2021

Power to develop future proof palliative care

Saskia Teunissen of the Dutch Palliative Care Association (PZNL) says: “Well educated nurses are intrinsically linked with the power to develop future proof palliative care. That’s why we’re happy to join ENC22.”