Prof. dr. Bianca Buurman

Professor Acute care for the elderly
University Medical Center Amsterdam
Lecturer transmural elderly care
University of applied sciences Amsterdam
President National Nurses Organisation of the Netherlands

Dr. Adelaida Zabalegui

Board member of Nursing Now
ViceDirector of Nursing
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Prof. dr. Gabriele Meyer

Director of the Institute for Health and Nursing Science, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Prof. dr. Theo van Achterberg

Professor Quality of Care Catholic University of Leuven

Prof. Brendan McCormack D.Phil (Oxon.), FAAN

Head of the Divisions of Nursing, Occupational Therapy & Arts Therapies Associate Director Centre for Person-centred Practice Research
Professor of Nursing
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Prof. dr. Helena Leino-Kilpi

Professor Nursing Science
Nurse director, Turku University Hospital

Prof. dr. Jūratė Macijauskienė

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing
Professor of the Department of Geriatrics
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas