European Nursing Congress 2022
4-7 October 2022

I. Introduction
Feedback on content and organisation of the congress is vital for further improvement of our services. Congress attendants are therefore cordially invited to pass to the organisers any comments and/or complaints they may have, filling in the evaluation form supplied by the organiser.

If you, as an individual participant, are dissatisfied with the congress, you can also file a complaint with the Congress Secretariat. The handling of complaints has two purposes:
1. resolving the complaint
2. improvement of our services

II. Definitions
In this complaint procedure the following definitions apply:
YME (Congress Secretariat)
Complaint: Any form of expression of dissatisfaction by a participant of the conference.

III. Independant Complaints Committee
The Foundation European Nursing Congress has an independent Complaints Committee. Its current members are: Rozanne Colijn, policy advisor community care Laurens, Margo van Mol, psycholoog en IC verpleegkundige, ErasmusMC, Hanneke Voorneveld, verpleegkundig specialist reumatologie, Maasstadziekenhuis.
The members of the Committee serve in their personal capacity
Rulings of the committe are binding.
Complaints are dealt with within 30 days.

IV. Procedure filing a complaint
Informal: Many complaints can be resolved in a personal chat. Please contact the Congress Secretariat in order to directly discuss your complaint or to make an appointment.

Formal: If the informal way has not resolved your complaint, or if you feel your complaint does not lend itself for a personal chat, you can file a written complaint. A complaint should be addressed to the management, within four weeks after the conference.